The Power of Instagram

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Oh, Instagram and your cruel world! Between the appearance of a new algorithm and the free fall of our photos' visibility, we must redouble our efforts to succeed on this social network. To help you, we've compiled the top 10 content ideas that work best on this platform, some tips for success as well as examples and the hashtags that go with it. Now, turn to our little guide!

The Pictures of Couples

Usually, the photos presenting a moment of happiness (a laughing person, a group of friends...) work very well on Instagram. And, as for the pictures of couples — they explode the feed so frequently! Don't hesitate to ask your lover about a couple of photos. However, focus on photos taken by someone else rather than selfies that are less well. And if you don't have a darling, it's not a problem: you don't have to throw yourself into anybody's arms! The picture that worked best on many Instagram accounts (over 2000 likes) is a simple photo of the hands of your and your boyfriend's hands holding passports/books/flowers, etc. Anyone who wants to lend you their hand can help you do the trick! Just be creative;)

Hashtags to remember: #couple #couplegoals #couplesofinstagram #lovers

Flat Lay Photos

Nobody can avoid them — they are everywhere on Instagram! That is the term for photos taken from above with several objects scattered or arranged symmetrically on the floor or table. On Pinterest, you can find a lot of inspiring flat lays. All cases are good: pastry, what-is-inside-my-bag content, organization of your office table, etc. If you are lucky, your photos may even be shared on large accounts compiling the best flat lay photos. We cross our fingers for you!

Hashtags to remember: #flatlay #flatlays #fromabove #flatlaysquad

Pictures with Animals

It's no secret to anyone. If cats are the stars of the internet, all the animals undoubtedly are the kings of Instagram. Dogs, rabbits, cats, and baby hairballs, in particular. You will see the activity exploding from so much cuteness. On the other hand, those who have a pet know how challenging it can be to take a photo of them! Choose an appropriate camera regime for in-move-photos and shake your favorite toy behind the lens to capture pet's attention. The result will be great.

Hashtags to remember: #[animal]ofinstagram #animal #cute #[animal] #insta[pet]

#FoodPorn Photos

We would say that the more there is fat and sugar per square centimeter, the more successful the photo will be. The images of healthy meals also work very well on the platform, but it's not our forte! The most popular foods on Instagram are burgers, donuts, macaroons, pancakes, and ice creams. The more garnishes and decorations, the better. Extra-tip: post your photo just before meals, when users are the most hungry and are most likely to be attracted to your photo.

Hashtags to remember: #cheatday #foodie #cheatmeal #eatfamous

Smile Photos

The photos of smiling people are on average more liked than ones without any smile. And if you show teeth, it'll work out even better! The more natural and joyful your facial expression is (we told you, photos that reflect happiness are the ones that bring the most success) the higher are the chances for your photo to be liked and reposted. Don't hesitate to mention what made you so happy in a description box.

Hashtags to remember: #funnymoment #myeverydaymagic #livebeautifully #momentsofmine


We have noticed that the monuments or facades photos frequently win a large number of likes quite quickly. That is due to the attractiveness of hashtags, for sure. The architects and urban art aficionados communities are very active on Instagram. Feel free to upload the photos with different architecture-related hashtags. If it is a monument, mention the location (another way to be found easily). Finally, when editing the images, increase the "structure" levels to highlight the lines of buildings.

Hashtags to remember: #architecture #architecture #archilovers #archidaily

Fitness Photos

Do we need to clarify that? Fitness photos invade Instagram! Whether it's your healthy breakfast or just a picture of you wearing sportswear — these are the images to publish without doubts. Healthy lifestyle/fitness bloggers are among those who bring the largest communities together. If you don't want to show off your abs, no problem: an acai bowl or a flat lay of your fitness bra/sneakers will work out as well.

Hashtags to remember: #todaysworkout #motivation #healthyliving

Inception Photos

We haven't got a better word to describe this style of photos, but if you don't know what the movie is about, it's a shame! In fact, it is a photo of the same photo that was taken previously. Frequently, it's made with a smartphone, but it can also be a polaroid picture. Here, everything is perfect: you highlight a particular object and show a beautiful landscape. Remember to maximize the backlight to see the result properly.

Hashtags to remember: #picinpic #fromwhereistand #seewhatisee #throughmylens

Travel Photos

The presence of these photos on our list is obvious. Travel photos are the dream ticket to Instagram's top. When you go to an interesting place for vacation, look at the other Instagram pictures taken there to find the most beautiful spots for your own photoshoot (you get inspired, don't copy). Remember to tag the place and add hashtags (monument, city, country, etc.).

Hashtags to remember: #welivetoexplore #passionpassport #theprettycities #top[place]photo

Seasonal Photos

Every season waits for its star photo: autumn leaves in autumn, Christmas tree decorations in winter, a New Year party, blooming trees in the spring... Don't neglect the seasonal photos! Their hashtags will bring you a great activity at a corresponding time of the year. When it comes to parties, Instagram users look through the lots of images to find inspirations of outfits or decorations — your photos can help them!

Hashtags to remember: #[season] #bestmomentoftheyear #[year]

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